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The Manah Art Limited Edition Silkscreen Print Artist's Proofs have been digitalised to keep them in the local memory for years to come, and make them available for purchase.

While we are still in the process of setting up our store, we are excited to show you this first selection! Please note, the shopping cart is functional but we have not set up payment yet. Knowing us, it might still take a while... Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have selected some pieces and wish to make a purchase.

We are offering 3 sizes and a simple framing option for those of you who fear you might never get around to it. Enjoy!



Manah Art is made joining the surnames Marmentini & Nador, and it's how Zoe's parents signed their 30+ years' work legacy. A naïf-style collection of compositions from in and around Marbella, that portray an easygoing lifestyle in known hotspots throughout the 80's & into the early 2000's.

To Rodrigo Marmentini, who really and truly lived the Port every day, and brought back home the stories that made the drawings come to life for so many years on end. Some of the drawings feature him showing tourists this very same portfolio - can you find him? We miss you!

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