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A home in Marbella

Mural Art for Thai Restaurant

Comission for private home, 2016.


A beachfront house is home to "Morning Air",
180 x 180 cms. Textures in ochres, whites.

Comission for Thai Gallery, Marbella, 2015.


Based on Asian and urban elements composed in layers, this basically monochrome piece sets the mood within a decoration project.

Hotel Rooms

Marbella, 2015


Project for 29 rooms based on turquoises and accents in ochres. Beach themes with an occasional vintage touch, tie in with abtract pieces that suggest sky, water, air.


Original pieces and digital reproductions.

An unusual commission

Marbella, 2014


Based on 19th Century Poster Art and with a wink to Toulouse Lautrec & lime green, this composition was made following teh guidelines of a very open art-loving couple that were in pursuit of.... simply something different!

A beautiful home in Marbella

Completed in summer of 2013.

With the support of Christina White

(Christina White Interiors, Marbella)

The Mural at Bison, Sursee

Switzerland, 2012

Concept by Zoe Marmentini

Production by Zoe Marmetini & Carmen Offerman


The featured online magazine shows the creative process, from concept outlines to finished piece.

A home in La Quinta

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