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Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you!

You’ve reached Villa Punta Paloma, the perfect place to jumpstart your journey of escapism, right at the end of the road of the Mediterranean.

  Our team has brainstormed and gathered our years of experience living and loving Tarifa to design and recommend a very personalised handbook for your stay with us. 

You’ll find:

Practical how-to information for Making Yourself at Home, from making the perfect morning cup of coffee to getting your favourite song playing throughout the villa. 

Suggestions for Take it to the Max of your new home, including a picturesque sunset beach picnic or a paella feast with flamenco dancing included.

A roadmap for Venturing Beyond and discovering the people, tastes and landscapes of the Costa de la Luz, rich in adrenaline-fueled activities and cultural escapes.


We’re of course here for anything you may need or to answer questions that may come up as your stay progresses. Do you have a special idea you’d like to make a reality? Questions about the area?

Just contact us:

Noelia Montes, Villa Manager

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